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You’re a freelance journalist and you’ve taken on a writing job for your dream website. You’ve agreed to interview Thomas Delamay, a reclusive millionaire that lives in a mansion that the locals affectionally call Delamay Manor. You’ve heard tales of the Delamay family and their Manor. Of murder and darkness. Will you still step inside?

The Crimson Terrors of Delamay Manor is an interactive text adventure that takes you deep into the heart of a haunted manor. It features Lovecraftian horror and Gothic horror, told over two branching paths. Look for easter eggs and other secrets hidden within. 

Who (or what?) will you meet inside Delamay Manor? 

There is only one way to find out...

This was created for ECTOCOMP 2019. For more of my fiction, feel free to check out my website at logannobleauthor.com.


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A pretty entertaining short horror game it escalates incredibly quickly towards to the end but was enjoyable my play through here if you don't want to read. https://youtu.be/v1AaDS250vk